Post Liposuction Lymphatic Drainage

Post Liposuction
Lymphatic Drainage

The effective treatment of clients who have recently undergone Liposuction requires a unique set of skills and a proven track record of treating post-liposuction clients. These skills are available to you at Fitnwell Massage.
Benefits of having post liposuction lymphatic drainage treatments
It is important to seek treatment soon after the Liposuction procedure to optimise results and help prevent hardening of the underlying body tissue.
  • Post operative treatment should be pre-planned and sought as a matter of urgency after a liposuction surgery.
  • Ideally, the treatments should be booked BEFORE you have your surgery, if you try to make the bookings after your surgery there will be very few available times to choose from.
  • The aim of the treatments is to return the body structures to their normal smooth and supple state.
  • The first couple of days after your surgery, your body will develop fluid buildup (inflammation) beneath the skin. This is a normal part of the healing process. Your post liposuction appointments will assist with moving this accumulated fluid into the lymphatic system where it will ultimately be excreted.
  • If left untreated, the skin and underlying structures may develop hardening in patches (fibrosis, fascial adhesions or scar tissue formation), leading to an unwanted outcome. Your post liposuction appointments will consist of breaking up this early stage of scar tissue formation.
The difference between the post op treatment provided by your clinic to the treatment at Fitnwell Massage
There are some fundamental differences in the goals of each of these treatments.
  • Your clinic is focused on shorter term treatment immediately following surgery.
  • Fitnwell's focus is on longer term treatment which may last for weeks or months in some cases.
  • Your clinic is primarily concerned with expressing fluids out of your incision wounds. These fluids are those injected as part of the liposuction procedure along with your own body fluids generated as part of the healing process.
  • Fitnwell typically treats clients whose wounds have closed or are partially closed with very little fluid leakage. Excess lymphatic fluid accumulated in the body as part of your healing process is flushed by massaging it into the body's lymphatic system where it is ultimately excreted as urine.
  • Fitnwell's main focus in the weeks following surgery is the removal or minimisation of lumps and fascial tension below the skin.

Treatment Plan - frequency of visits

Please use the information below as a guide, speed of recovery and frequency of visits will vary from client to client.

  • The first 4-5 days after surgery: recovery and wound healing.
  • Treatments are best started after this initial recovery at around day 5 or after you stop secreting fluids from your incision wounds. At this stage you may still be sore and bruised from your surgery, however it is important not to delay your post op treatments as this is the crucial time for minimising the development of scar tissue.
  • Some clinics require their clients to attend a set number of post op treatments with them. In this instance your treatments with Fitnwell Massage can commence after these are completed.
  • If your surgeon uses small plastic drains in your incision wounds, you can still come for your post op treatments, however treatments are most effective after these drains have been removed by your clinic.
  • As a general guide you will require approximately 6 treatments spread over 3 weeks (2 per week). If possible, please book these BEFORE you have your surgery.
  • The number of treatments required will vary based on the number of areas being treated and the individual speed of client recovery. I have treated clients who have only required three treatments (neck Lipo) and others that have needed a dozen or so. For example, if you have had liposuction on abdomen, legs and flanks, plan on 9 visits.
  • If you have developed areas of hardened tissue (fibrotic tissue) you will need more frequent treatments and more treatments in total.
  • All bookings with Fitnwell are made online using the link on the home page.
  • It is OK to cancel any excess bookings if you heal quicker than expected. It is better to have the treatments pre booked than to miss out and risk a longer recovery.
  • All treatments are performed at the Fitnwell clinic: 375 Cobbitty Road Cobbitty NSW. Unfortunately we do NOT do home visits for treatment.

The Treatment Cycle
  • After each treatment you will experience a reduction in the post surgical conditions such as fluid retention, hard lumps and general discomfort.
  • Your body will then typically develop these issues again after each treatment but to a lesser extent.
  • After several treatments your skin texture will typically return to normal without fluid retention or lumps.
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What if I elect not to follow the treatment guidelines?
As stated above, results will vary but in general the following are true:
  • If the appointments are spaced out over a longer period of time, the healing and recovery will be extended also.
  • A more intensive series of appointments close to the surgery date will deliver the best outcomes.
  • Some individuals will heal naturally without post liposuction treatment, however, the vast majority will need a post liposuction treatment plan.
  • Without a post liposuction treatment plan or with just a couple of appointments, healing may extend to months rather than weeks and scar tissue will become very difficult to treat (sometimes impossible).
Types of post op treatments performed by Fitnwell Massage
I have personal experience in treating the following (post op care).
  • Liposuction to the abdomen, legs and hips
  • Liposuction to the back, area below armpit and arms
  • Liposuction to the neck
  • Fat transfer procedure to the butt (BBL)
  • Fat transfer procedure to the chest
  • Men's Gynecomastia Surgery
  • Abdominoplasty post op care
  • Treatment of fluid retention as a result of the above procedures
  • Treatment of scar tissue as a result of the above procedures
The treatment
Please note: Manual Lymphatic Drainage procedures alone are insufficient in the treatment of post-liposuction clients. When comparing health care providers please choose one that offers a combination of the following modalities that will be used in your treatment at Fitnwell Massage:
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Scar tissue reduction
  • The techniques are used to manipulate the small pockets of fluid and the scar tissue formation that can occur post liposuction
  • The goal is to return the skin and sub structures to their normal suppleness
  • Arnica cream is used which is amazingly effective in reducing bruising

Post Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or fat transfer procedures

BBL Table

  • The image above shows the unique table setup for treating clients who have had a BBL or fat transfer procedure
  • This setup avoids any unwanted pressure on the gluteals
  • Ultimate comfort and safety

  • After your surgical procedure you will be wearing a compression garment. The compression garment will have to be removed for your appointment with Fitnwell Massage. This can be done in the privacy of the massage room before your treatment or you may elect to not wear it to your treatment and put it on afterwards.
  • Please remember to bring underwear to change into for your treatment. If you have had a BBL, underwear is not recommended as the elastic may leave lines in the newly grafted fat. You will always be covered by a draping towel.
  • If your incision wounds are still weeping please leave the tape on them. If you still have large dressing pads on your body, these will need to be removed before you attend your treatments at Fitnwell Massage.
  • I do not massage body fluids out of your incision wounds, this procedure may (or may not) be performed by the clinic where your liposuction was performed. The treatment at Fitnwell Massage involves moving the excess fluid into the lymphatic system where it is ultimately flushed as waste. By the time you attend your first appointment with Fitnwell massage, your incision wounds will have closed.
Surgical procedures: abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast lift, breast reduction etc.
  • Most of the detail listed above applies equally to post operative care after abdominoplasty and other surgery.
  • The one significant difference is the time to wait before your first appointment with Fitnwell Massage. Typically 2-3 weeks.
  • Please ask your surgeon for clearance before obtaining manual therapy such as lymphatic drainage and scar tissue reduction.
  • The treatments will typically start with gentle lymphatic drainage until the surgical wound has healed sufficiently.
  • Compared to liposuction, these surgical procedures typically develop less fibrous lumps however still require manual therapy to assist with skin tension, fluid retention and scar tissue treatment.
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